Maine Clammers Association

Maine Clammers Association:
Giving a Voice to our Wild Marine Resources

Shellfish and the profession of clamming is an important part of Maine’s culture, economy, and food supply. Wild clammers serve as health indicators for our local coastal habitat, as working clammers signify a clean and healthy marine ecosystem. The Maine Clammers Association represents professional shellfish harvesters up and down the coast of Maine.

The wild clammers reliance on clean water has made them into the front line soldiers in the fight to preserve Maine’s coastal water quality in the face of climate change, shoreline development, and aging infrastructure. The Maine Clammers Association was formed to give a voice to our wild marine resources- resources that have been taken for granted in the past.

The Maine Clammers Association works by modernizing the clamming industry and promoting a stewardship ethic amongst wild clammers and the general public. We do this though conducting scientific research, implementing educational programs, and leading community building activities. Maine Clammers Association encourages investment in the resource- a new approach to managing our wild marine resources.

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Maine Clammers Association – Newsletter.

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