Shellfish and the profession of clamming is an important part of Maine’s culture, economy, and food supply. The Maine Clammers Association represents professional shellfish harvesters up and down the coast of Maine. We were formed to give a voice to our marine resources and the people that rely on them – resources that have been taken for granted in the past.

Clammers serve an important role as health indicators for our local coastal habitat, as working clammers signify a clean and healthy marine ecosystem. Clammers reliance on clean water has made them into the front line soldiers in the fight to preserve Maine’s coastal water quality in the face of climate change, shoreline development, and aging infrastructure.

The Maine Clammers Association works to modernize the shellfish industry by adapting to current ecological conditions and promotes a stewardship ethic amongst harvesters and the general public. We do this by conducting scientific research; educating clammers, local and state managers, and residents; and strengthening coastal communities. The Maine Clammers Association encourages investment in the resource- a new approach to managing our marine resources.

The Clam Whistler: Maine Clammers Association Newsletter
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Green Crab Invasion

Invasive European Green crabs are literally eating away at Maine’s marine resources.

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