Clam Heroes

Shellfish Heroes

There are a lot of great people at Maine’s Department of Marine Resources (DMR). In the past few years the office has really come together as a unit. Now, it seems that DMR actually cares and is responsive to the needs of the resource and industry. We know that many of DMR’s fine staffers take their work home with them. From all of the clammers:  Thank you! We appreciate it!

While there are a lot of fine people at DMR, a few really stand out. Here are a few of MCA’s Shellfish Heroes:

Dana Wallace

Dana Wallace

Dana Wallace
Legendary Invasive Green Crab Warrior
Dana witnessed the last great crab invasion, during the warm water period in the 1950’s, and spent the rest of his life warning scientists and resource managers about the threatening underlying presence of the invasive green crab. At a time of renewed cool ocean waters, many people didn’t accept or believe Dana’s dire warnings. Undaunted, Dana persevered and was instrumental in developing and advocating for invasive green crab trapping and fencing in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Though Dana has passed away, his spirit lives on in Maine’s clamflats and with Maine’s clammers.

Pat “the Problem-Solver” Kelliher
DMR Commissioner
Pat “the Problem-Solver” Kelliher is the first DMR Commissioner in decades that is paying attention to all the inputs into our ecosystem and doesn’t take the easy route by blaming “overfishing” for all resource problems. Using a holistic approach grounded in hard work and common sense, the Problem-Solver pursues restoration of our marine resources and their associated economic impacts. With the Problem- Solver at the helm, Maine’s shellfish has a fighting chance.

Kohl “Rope-a-Dope” Kanwit
Director of the DMR’s Bureau of Public Health
For those of you not familiar with the term “Rope-a-Dope”, the greatest boxer in the world used this technique to defeat the strongest fighters in the world. Kohl calmly absorbs blows from various entities, waits for them to finish, and then crushes her opponents with common sense and documentation. Most importantly, Kohl “Rope-a-Dope” Kanwit refuses to settle for failure.

Alison “Guardian Angel” Sirois
DMR Western Maine Growing Area Program Supervisor
Alison Sirois is quite simply the Guardian Angel of Maine’s Shellfish industry.