Aquatic Natural Resource Education

Marine Resource Education:

MCA’s educational programs span from curriculum development and programs for our schools to general fishing industry and citizen education about issues of importance to maintaining a healthy and sustainable wild shellfish resource.


MCA developed a relationship with the Coastal Studies for Girls and public schools to bring the message of climate change and human impacts to water quality to the classroom.

Student Clamming License Program:

MCA is a strong advocate and promoter of a modernized Student Commercial License program. Modern Student Shellfish Licenses provide high school students a chance to immerse themselves in traditional Maine coastal culture while simultaneously providing them with business skills and social interactions that bond them into fabric of their community. Clamming provides these students with a source of income, which helps to establish a foundation on which they can build their future upon. The Student Shellfish License program also provides the upcoming generation with a more hands-on real-time understanding of our marine resources. Most importantly for the shellfish industry, it provides them with a connection to the resource and community that will remain intact well into their adult lives. It also widens the shellfish industry to encompass a new generation of a socially diverse, stewardship-minded cross-section of the community.


Throughout the year MCA takes part in a variety of outreach activities to spread the word about issues that are impacting the wild shellfish resource.