Community & Santa Fund

Protecting and enhancing the traditional, cohesive, fishing communities that house Maine’s clammers is an important part of the work that MCA does. The MCA is committed to working to intertwine itself into the social fabric of the community so we can draw upon broad community support to address modern challenges facing the state marine resources. Since communities are the building block of our nation, maintaining healthy, sustainable communities is of the utmost importance.

Gentrifying Clamming Communities:

The MCA is very concerned about clammers being priced out of their communities. Gentrification is causing clammers to lose their homes when they can no longer afford to pay property taxes. Unfortunately, gentrification also causes clammers to lose their livelihood as well since most clamming licenses require municipal residency. Watch the link below to learn more about this problem.

Amplifying the Voice of the Clammers:

By giving a loud and prominent voice to the concerns and issues facing wild Maine clammers and marine resource stakeholders, MCA is adept at keeping important marine resource issues on the forefront of discussions and actions. Through its work, MCA has given Maine’s wild clammers an identity they can be proud of while communicating the real concerns of Maine’s fishing families. Like all families we know that there will be disagreements on certain issues, but MCA is able to provide fishing families an uncompromising platform where their traditional Maine lifestyle and ideas are respected.

Climate Change Adaptation:

Additionally, MCA provides Maine communities with information necessary for adaption to climate change. The MCA is not focusing its resources on trying to prevent many of the inevitable changes we are and will continue to experience. Instead, what we are focusing on is transitioning and adapting Maine’s marine resources community to allow for it’s best opportunity to survive and prosper in a changed weather climate. As clammers know first-hand, as our climate changes we will continue to see variations of the natural systems that we used to take for granted. Identifying these changes is the first step in determining appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures. MCA constantly reinforces the idea that in the face of such profound system change, the quick development and transition to more appropriate resource management measures is necessary and crucial.

Benefit Clam Digs & Santa Program:

MCA sponsors a great number of charity digs to benefit our communities, such as the Help Thirsty Eagle Kick Epilepsy in the Teeth Charity Clam Dig and the Freeport Elders Charity Clam Dig.

MCA’s biggest program is its Santa Fund, which raises money to buy presents for families that might not be able to enjoy Christmas otherwise.

Please click here to donate to our Santa Fund. Funds are collected all year long.